It’s Been Awhile…

I seem to have forgotten to make time for writing. I have time to write. I’ve just chosen to blissfully enjoy the silence and solitude that is nap time. 

You see, I have a toddler now. 

Drinking a hot cup of coffee, uninterrupted, is rarer now than it ever was with a squishy newborn.

All of a sudden I’m the mom of a walking, sort of talking, getting into all the things, toddler. 16 months and counting. Her first birthday came and went like a whirlwind. We had a great big party, which we won’t be repeating until she’s of school age. I’m fairly certain I put more effort into it than I did my own wedding. It was a really great day. But what’s been more great, is every single day since

It’s like every day since that big O.N.E, has been a day of growth, and magic. The year of firsts like “first food” and “first step” is fun and exciting, but the second year of firsts? Absolute wonderment. 

Watching my little girl experience a thunder storm and watch it out the window like it’s the most interesting thing she’s ever seen fills my heart with so much joy. 

She knows which songs are her favourite on the radio (Justin Timberlake is her jam). She eats black beans and rice like it’s going out of style. She can now climb onto the couch and will quietly sit and peruse one of her many books (when she’s not jumping on the couch playing with the cats).

We went to the library for the first time recently. It will absolutely be a reoccurring excursion.  She loved every minute of it. And I love every minute of watching her become this little human being. I get to watch this tiny soul bloom inside this minature version of myself (she’s a book worm like mommy). 

There’s so much I have no control over. It’s like she was just born to be this certain person. I can teach her what I know, but even at just 16 months I can already see she will do with that information as she pleases. 

Every day is a new discovery. A new milestone. Whether it’s a new word, or new comprehension or a new experience, it’s my favourite part of being a mom so far. 

I often get asked when I’ll have another. I’m done. For many reasons, I’m done. But that just means I get to really immerse myself in the experience that is being Ruby’s Mommy. She is everything that is good in this world and my only hope is that we can continue on this journey of discovery, and she never loses that sense of curiosity and wonder. 


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